Business Case

Weekly Offers as part the Metcash/IGA program

  • Opted in members receive 5-6 offers per week by MMS and then shop in store
  • Basket level data created by Thirdscreen thru full integration into back office systems of the clients leveraging Thirdscreens development expertise
  • Graph shows power of the mobile offer – increased sales and results significantly ahead of the catalogue for the same product

Campbells Wholesale Rewards Loyalty

CCC is part of the Metcash group is a wholesaler of grocery and liquor products to the B2B sector.

The business has a catalogue program which is every second week; this catalogue includes 70-100 products and is sent via mail to the customer base of approx 17000 customers. The CCC management continued to see a sales spike and then a lull in sales as a result of the weeks without catalogue support.

CCC management were also aware of offers which come from time to time from suppliers which are time critical. As a result of the 2-3 week planning required for a catalogue, CCC management were looking for a way in which they could partake in these offers.

CCC management worked with Thirdscreen to introduce a mobile program which solved both the issues;

  • On the non-catalogue weeks CCC management create a set of 6 offers which are delivered to the CCC customer base by way of mobile message - mainly via MMS and where customers cannot receive an MMS they receive a SMS with the same offers.
  • The advent of the mobile database has also allowed CCC management to turn around special offers within 5-7 days meaning that the super specials are now available for CCC and their customers

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