Third parties can connect to the Thirdscreen wholesale MMS gateway by using our Application Programming Interface ("API"), as a fully integrated solution.

Our API can (and has) been integrated with;

  • Business Management software
  • Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") systems
  • Digital Marketing platforms
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Software as a Service ("SaaS") products
  • SMS Providers wanting to add MMS capability
  • And more...

Our API is built for developers and designed to make the process of integrating our wholesale MMS gateway into your systems as seamless as possible.

Features of our wholesale MMS gateway;

  • Business Grade
  • High throughput
  • Industry standard REST interface using JSON
  • Minimal overheads
  • Robust

We also offer two-way MMS using our Inbound MMS API for receiving images, photos or other multimedia content. Inbound, or received MMS message content can be forwarded to a nominated email address or nominated destination.

You can download our API documentation here.