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Multimedia (MMS) Messaging

For a completely branded experience, Thirdscreen can deliver Multimedia Messaging – a complete rich media experience that may include video, audio, photos and other images, logos, slide shows and more.

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is an extension of plain text messaging – SMS (or Short Message Service) and allows not only for rich content delivery but also substantially more content within each message. Thirdscreen are Australia’s recognised leader in MMS messaging.

Use Multimedia Messaging to;

  • Showcase your latest product catalogue and deliver a more completing customer experience through the use of images and photos... to entice your customers to purchase in-store or online
  • Build hype around major events by promoting your event activities, together with special customer incentives, ahead of your next event launch
  • Use Multimedia Messaging to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services by including photos and best-use visuals...the rich media capabilities of Thirdscreen MMS help evoke an emotive response from your customers and lead to sales
  • Deliver a full video experience such as product tours/overviews, TV commercials, highlights packages or event/venue showcases with stunning visuals using a medium which is almost guaranteed to be read
  • Deliver 1D and 2D barcodes – the barcode images are scannable and can be redeemed in-store (eg. for a product discount) or used to gain entry into an event